The Homeboss Selling System® is a hybrid between a real estate auction and a traditional real estate transaction. The Homeboss Selling System® process works better than any other method to buy and sell a home in ANY market condition. The Homeboss® method of marketing and selling a home offers buyers and sellers more options, control and 100% transparency when buying or selling real estate. No more multiple offers with sellers seeking “highest and best offers” and buyers not knowing what to offer or worst yet, over-paying for the home. Buyers see EXACTLY what is being offered and can decide what they are willing to pay for a home. Unlike traditional Real Estate Auctions, where buyers have to go in to escrow without being able to preview the home, inspect the premises, have no contingencies and a non-refundable deposit, Homeboss is simply a better way to buy and sell a home. At the end of the bidding process, the buyer will proceed with a standard Arizona Purchase Agreement, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames. The whole process is transparent and convenient, which is why sellers and buyers love the process! Homeboss® and the Homeboss Selling System® are not affiliated with EXP Realty or EXPI World Holdings.